Moving Fast in 2015

Springtime symbolizes new life, as nature's palette begins to splash flecks of color into the greyscale of trees and sky. We leave our overcoat cocoons to fully embrace the impending warmth. With the Spring Equinox finally here, it is a perfect time to reflect on past achievements, as well as look at what Murphy Company has planned for this year.

New Website

Murphy Company built a new, dynamic website with enhancements to better serve our customers’ needs. This complete makeover is quite extensive with expansive code development on the backend and many advanced design elements for the user side.

We are rolling out these changes currently, but they are slowly coming online weekly. Our primary focus on the redevelopment was improving the customer experience, providing tools that support the business to business transactions and operating as a thought leader within the graphics arts industry.

A sampling of these features include:

      • Shopping cart for ease of use and transactions.
      • Customers can build a profile for online ordering, improved efficiencies and cost savings.
      • Redesigned, interactive web pages providing rich content and tools for staying current on promotions, pricing and new products.
      • Central social wall for up to date postings on industry related information.

 Online Shopping Cart

As one of our proudest announcements, we just launched our new online shopping cart. While this is commonplace in everyday consumer shopping, it is actually a very sophisticated integrations. These improvements keep customers informed of the latest products, promotions and services. We created a better experience to build a stronger connection with our users, utilizing enhanced features that provide real time feedback and news on products.

Please be patient while we test out the site and cart, and let us know of any problems. In addition, contact if there is anything you need that is not listed.

3D Printing

We are extremely excited to add 3D printing to the ever growing list of products that Murphy Company has to offer. This 20+ year technology is going mainstream in the marketplace. Desktop printers like the Flashforge Dreamer or the Solidoodle Press make creating easy for any level of experience; from the beginning hobbyist to the seasoned professional, the applications for using a 3D printer are limitless. As an example of stunning innovation, check out this video of a dog running for the first time using 3D printed legs.

As with most recently mainstreamed technologies, this area of focus is wrought with false summits and potential dead ends. To provide our customers with the best opportunities possible, we are aligning ourselves with some of the leading products and accessories, including:

Familiarizing ourselves with these products has been an enlightening experience, and we cannot wait to see all of the unique creations our customers come up with. In the meantime, watch our social media channels as we promote different opportunities for users to share their builds and provide insight.

In December, we released a 3D Printing digital newsletter, #3DLayers, designed to highlight makers, educate and entertain. Make sure to never miss a release by following us on Twitter.

Just Around the Corner

We are building a community section to share and connect with the graphic arts, 3D printing and dictation family. Customer participation drives this platform to promote knowledge and highlight achievements within each industry. Keep your eyes on our social media or blog for more information.

Our Customers

Murphy Company is not the only one who has good things to report, and when it comes to our customers, we want to hear from you. If you have news, please send it to and he will include you in one of our future marketing updates.

This is going to be a pivotal year for Murphy Company, and we are so happy share it with all of our valued customers. Thanks for your business, loyalty, and constant support. We wish you all the best for the remainder of 2015.

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