Celebrate Earth Week with Murphy Company

To all of us here at Murphy Company, we look beyond the scope of corporate responsibility when promoting sustainability. We see it as paramount in creating a better future, and feel it is our civic duty to take certain steps in ensuring that future come to light. On April 22nd, 1970, 20 million Americans across The United States felt the same way. They gathered in peaceful protest, united by the common fear of environmental deterioration. What came from this day was the beginning of the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as the first Earth Day.

In the years since, Earth Day evolved into something far greater. Teachers now create eco-conscious lesson plans in celebration, people volunteer to clean up parks or plant trees, families take the leap to create a backyard compost pile. It is a day about education, action, and unity within the community. Some organizations, Murphy Company included, utilize the entire week of the 22nd each April to learn more about "green" happenings within our own backyard and do our part to strengthen those efforts.

As society celebrates the 45th anniversary, we rejoice on how far we have come, but ultimately it is still troubling to be inundated with the facts and figures about pollution or climate change. The health risks and potential future we are leaving for our children's children are terrifying thoughts, to say the least, which is why education and execution of eco-friendly lifestyles are so important.

As a lover of the outdoors, cherisher of nature, I want to take a moment to share with you a few of the ways Murphy Company does its part.

These efforts include:

  • The creation of a corporate space that promotes the daily idea of "reduce, reuse, recycle," while simultaneously participating in various "green" events throughout the year.
  • Recycling over 1,200 pounds worth of servers, monitors, computers, backup batteries and various electronic waste to eRevival LLC, a computer and electronics recycling solution, at the Upper Arlington Whole Foods' "e-Waste Fundraiser."
  • Donating over 6,000 pounds of recyclable goods to St. Catharine's School in Bexley, Ohio. Each year the eighth grade class buys a gift for the school using money raised through donated recyclables and various other fundraising efforts.
  • Monthly recycling to the local recycling drop-offs.
  • The reuse/repurpose of worn down or broken palettes into office furniture and business amenities.
  • The reduction of our automotive carbon footprint by promoting a bicycle friendly environment through participation in such events as "National Bike to Work Day," "Bike the Cbus," and the Columbus chapter of the "Monday Night Ride."

Those in Columbus looking to get involved with some "green" groups, visit Green Columbus's website for a complete list of volunteer opportunities. For more information about Earth Day or larger scale opportunities, visit EarthDay.org.

How did you spend Earth Week? Use the hashtag #MCEarth and tag us on Twitter or Facebook to let us know!

Please enjoy this Earth Week video we have created for the holiday.

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