The Zen of Creating Color

Wellness is far more than just taking care of yourself physically. It is important to maintain a strong mental zen too, free of stress. Murphy Company is proud to celebrate Global Wellness Day; a not-for-profit social project where, for one day, people make a conscious shift in lifestyle towards living well. Global Wellness Day brings together exercise, healthy eating and spiritual teachings. It is a step that can ignite the flame of happiness burning throughout the world; a special opportunity to bring together the wellness world in a sacred mission. In previous years, participants:

  • Drink more water.
  • Walk for 1 hour.
  • Shop local/eat organic.
  • Avoid using plastic bottles.
  • Do a good deed.
  • Eat a family dinner.
  • Go to bed before 10pm.

We invite you to take a minute from your day to destress, and see the meditative process of mixing ink.