Fast, Reliable Distribution

Consumers of every industry distribution they can depend on. It is vital that whatever you order gets to you before you need it most. Building and refining our skill set since 1947, Murphy Company has become a dependable name in distribution services. Our aim is to go above and beyond the needs of our customers to ensure the smoothest, fastest transaction possible.

Being located in downtown Columbus, Ohio, strength in transportation, distribution and logistics affords us the ability to maximize flexibility while reducing supply-chain costs. Ohio is within 600 miles (~965 kilometers) or one day truck delivery time to:

  • 61% of all U.S. and Canadian manufacturing locations.
  • Two-thirds of the population of The United States and Canada.
  • New York, Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charlotte and most major Midwestern/Eastern cities.
  • Two ports, air, river, rail and interstate highways linking all North American and global markets.

Let us help you reduce expenses with the most dependable execution.

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