Murphy Company Direct (MCD)

MCD is a process in which the merchant sends over orders by fax/email that will be fulfilled from the fulfillment location for prompt distribution. The merchant will send merchandise for storage to the main facility where all orders will be picked, packed and shipped.

The fulfillment process can be sent to MCD or through one of its dedicated online marketplaces.

Merchants can send/initiate an order through an online marketplace, allowing them to manage the fulfillment process while maintaining control of the inventory.

  • Sellers own their inventory at all times and can increase/decrease storage allotment at any time.
  • Fulfillment fees are charged per order at the time of the sale.
  • Storage fees are calculated daily for only the inventory the seller has in storage at the fulfillment center.
  • Sellers can utilize fulfillment in conjunction with their own fulfillment efforts or let MC Logistics handle it completely.
  • Inventory is stored and processed at our secure facilities.

Order Fulfillment

  • MC Logistics will receive all orders electronically, by either arranged direct means or by entering orders into the online website.
  • Provided sufficient quantities are available within the correct SKU, MC Logistics shall pick the products designated on each order and shall pack the products into either standard boxes with standard void fill, or into the appropriate shipping envelopes.
  • Each shipment includes a single client-defined packing slip.
  • If serial or lot numbers need to be captured, the client must provide these numbers in bar-coded form on each Product SKU. MC Logistics will scan these numbers and capture the data within the system just prior to outbound shipping.
  • Outbound orders are shipped with standard carrier insurance provisions and limits. Additional insurance coverage for a shipment may be requested by transmitting the request and a declared value as part of the standard electronic order transmittal. Any fees charged by the carrier related to additional insurance coverage will be charged to the client.

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