Who We Are

Murphy Company continues to focus on technology products and services through 68 years. With a focus on providing business solutions, we continue to serve our customers with products and services for digital voice recorders, wide format and prepress graphic arts, and now with a new emphasis on the next revolution in UAS (unmanned aerial systems) or more commonly known as drones.

We are dedicated to offering the most advanced products these companies carry with customer service and solutions that are second to none. Business is drastically different than it was in the 1940s, yet the Murphy name still remains strong with the same old fashioned values and work ethic. 

We continue to build off of our founder's, Bud Murphy, ability to recognize customer needs, Murphy Company stands as your pathfinder to provide you with the latest technological developments in everything from prepress systems, offset and digital printing, and finishing systems to 3D printing, digital voice recorders, UAS and drones.


Photo by smckenzie/iStock / Getty Images

Our Story

Murphy Company was founded in 1947 by Bud Murphy, Columbus, Ohio. Bud Murphy hung his shingle on a remodeled car barn in now historic German Village. Bud began his business selling the dictation wire recorder and became friends with several local printers that needed a reliable supplier. As a result, he expanded the product line to include printing and graphic arts materials.

The communications industry began to explode and Bud Murphy was in place. The fast paced evolution challenged manufacturers and dealers to provide more information at the lowest possible cost. The customers required new and exciting products and the birth of the Murphy Company took hold from the advent of this new wire recorder. It was through entering this marketplace that Murphy Company became a key link in the distribution system from manufacturer to customer in the form of providing logistics in fulfillment and distribution.

Over 68 years later, Murphy Company operates as a distributor and fulfillment facility for thousands of products in changing technologies; providing innovative solutions; operating as a key competitive advantage and strategic partner for its business clients. Murphy Company expanded its expertise into a dedicated division for distribution and fulfillment services, MC Logistics.

MC Logistics expanded its reach into the hospitality, wellness and medical sectors. With a seasoned team built on three generations of logistics and decades of servicing the hospitality, spa and wellness industries MC Logistics invested in a custom designed inventory management and ERP software.

This comprehensive suite of business applications includes: real time management, sales, CRM, electronic data transmission, label generation, online tracking, project management, onsite and virtual warehouse management, manufacturing, advanced financial management tools, and integrated online marketplaces. Murphy Company and MC Logistics are poised to reach new heights for years to come all the while delivering the same superior customer service and values that Bud Murphy stated in 1947.

#1 Network

The Murphy Company is a member of #1 Network. This is a corporation co-owned by its dealer members. #1 Network dealers offer their customers the best of both worlds. The leverage of a national organization combined with local service. In this age of consolidation, service to the customer is often lost, #1 Network brings it back. Today #1 Network’s extensive portfolio of products is carefully designed to maximize production performance, quality and purchasing value.

Our mission

The Murphy Company intends to be a recognized leader in providing service and solutions. This is accomplished by:

  1. Consistently exceeding the expectations of our customers by being the most dependable, highest quality, value added supplier to the industry.
  2. Reliably and consistently providing excellent service before, during and after the sale of our products and services.
  3. Creating an environment conducive to the proper development and deployment of the talents, initiative, and spirit of our employees. A climate that fosters trust and unity among the employees, the realization of each employee’s potential, while stimulating professionalism, work satisfaction and sense of belonging to the general interests of the Company’s success.
  4. Exercising professionalism, ethics and dedication to the continual improvement in everything we do at The Murphy Company.
  5. Developing firm, mutual and enduring relationships with employees, business partners and service vendors.
  6. Provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and business partners while dedicating ourselves to a consistent policy of stewardship for our industry and community.
  7. Align the structure of the business to continue to follow the upward development and opportunities available from our continually changing industry.

This insures growth of the business, while providing a mutually beneficial return for our employees and customers.